Popular Porn Site Reveals Women Search For Hardcore Genres More Than You Might Expect

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Trigger Warning: The following post that may be triggering to some readers. Discretion is advised.

It’s time for society to finally come to the realization that porn is no longer just “a guy thing.” With the increased availability of internet porn in the last decade, women are becoming just as active on XXX sites as men. This isn’t just a dude problem. It’s a human problem. And these analytics are showing this fact more than ever.

In the popular porn site’s never-ending attempt to normalize porn in society and make it mainstream, it has created a disturbingly precise look into the activity of porn viewers on their site. Recently, the site released a “What Women Want” edition of these stats, showing that women are just as into watching porn as men. With insights showing that lesbian porn is the go-to search for women of all sexual orientations and that they actually spend longer on the site than men, we are getting an in-depth look about the rapid spread of this new drug in society.

As shown in the first chart below, it turns out that women are 113% more likely to search the term “hardcore” than men. They are also over 105% more likely to seek out genres of porn like “gangbang” and “rough sex.” The old ideals that women just want to see romantic comedies and read steamy novels like Fifty Shades of Grey is outdated. With the porn culture in society that has been created, women are seeking out these harmful and dangerous depictions of sex.


Below is perhaps the most telling statistic of all. The analytics show that the site’s total porn viewers is comprised of 23 percent women and 77 percent men, but that the women are spending much longer watching porn, staying on the site for an average of almost 11 and a half minutes, while men logged off after just 10 minutes.

Ever wondered why Fight the New Drug mainly focuses on the millennial audience by getting the science on the harms of porn out to high schools all over the country? This is why. It is no surprise at all that the 18-24 age group is the biggest consumers of online porn in today’s society. More than 1/3 of all women who visited these porn sites fell into this age group and this group was 5% bigger than male visitors. Bottom line: the women of this generation in particular are watching porn more than the guys.

Why This Matters

The facts are in. We as a society can no longer look at girls and assume they have not fallen into the harmful habit of watching porn. Regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, porn is harmful. Pornography harms the brain and creates negative perceptions and unrealistic expectations in relationships.

What YOU Can Do

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