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Whether you’ve been impacted by the harms of porn, want to learn more, or want to educate others, these resources are here to help!

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Get The Facts

“Brain, Heart, World” Documentary
Fight the New Drug’s documentary series that highlights the science, research, and true stories that demonstrate the harmful effects of porn.
Consider Before Consuming Podcast
This podcast features conversations with experts, survivors, and advocates sharing insight about the harmful effects of porn.
“Get The Facts” Articles
Fifteen research-based articles that explain how porn has been shown to negatively impact consumers, relationships, and society.
Recent Articles
Check out over 1,000+ articles on virtually any subject related to pornography consumption.
Fast Facts
Over 100 quick stats and findings from an ever-growing body of research that shows porn’s negative effects.
Truth About Porn
An up-to-date, ever-growing database dedicated to giving visibility to research demonstrating the harmful effects of pornography.
Watch expert interviews and true stories from recovering consumers and former performers.
Spanish Translations
¿Hablas español? We translated select content into spanish to help bring the fight for love to Fighters around the world.

Get Involved

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we rely on donations from people like you to help us continue to educate others and change the conversation about porn.
Grab a tee to support the movement and change the conversation wherever you go.
Fighter Club
Support the movement by joining Fighter Club for as little as $10/month and get 30% off our store, always, and more!
Book A Presentation
Bring us to you with an age-appropriate presentation for your school, keynote, or community event.
Host A Screening
Check out these affordable documentary screening licenses for educational institutions and community events.
Become A Fighter
Are you with us? Check out what we stand for and sign up for updates.
Share Your Story
If your life has been affected by pornography or sexual exploitation you can share your story here.
Digital Downloads
Digital Downloads
Downloadable print files and digital resources to spread the movement in your community!
Join The Street Team
Equipped with the facts of the harms of porn, changing the conversation starts by opening up a dialogue and sharing what you’ve learned.

Get Help

Conversation Blueprint
Explore this conversation blueprint to help you successfully navigate conversations about porn with your partner, child, sibling, parent, or friend.
Victim Resources
Being a victim of sexual violence can feel incredibly isolating and traumatizing, but please know that you don’t have to deal with this alone.
Quit porn for good. Join an encouraging community and get science-based support for lasting change. Join for free.
Relay - Find a strong support system.
The smart way to keep kids safer online. Bark covers text messaging, YouTube, email, and social media platforms and apps. Try it free.
Find a strong virtual support system with Relay. Start healing and recovering anonymously and flexibly alongside peers who get it.
Raise is a free parenting app that helps families navigate the challenges of today’s digital landscape and keep children safe.
Relay - Find a strong support system.
More than a cellular network—Gabb is a movement to connect kids to what matters most with safe technology solutions.
Canopy is a digital safety net leveraging advanced technology to give families a safer, better way to explore the Internet.
Victim Resources
Pinwheel is helping kids become responsible digital natives by designing phones that promote healthy device use with the help of licensed therapists.
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