We’re a group of passionate and innovative problem-solvers who want to make a difference in the world.

Co-Founder & President


Clay is a passion-fueled idea machine with a clear vision to impact the world and a loose understanding of how many hours are in a day. While in college, he founded Fight the New Drug with a few like-minded friends. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide movement. Over the years, Clay has presented to more than 100,000 people on the harmful effects of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation. With an exceptional talent in ugly dance moves and a flair for competitive yard gaming, Clay helps lead the Fight the New Drug team in reaching youth and creating resources to equip and educate in this movement for love.


Kindergarten Student of the Month Awards


Game Winning 3-Pointers


Jimmy John’s Sandwiches Annually

Executive Director


While Natale could be defined by her love of spontaneous dancing and the great outdoors, she's always kept her finger on the pulse of social issues including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, rape culture, human trafficking, and gender inequality—and the connections between these issues and pornography continue to motivate her to create change and help those impacted. With a creative background, a whole bunch of passion, and a steady stream of coffee, Natale works closely with Fight the New Drug's team to further this fight for love.


Dalmatian Fur Babies


Mrs. Doubtfire’s Biggest Fan


Musicals Performed

Executive Assistant


Ashlee’s just your average Seattle raised, rollerblading queen, who prides herself in being a ‘food snob’ and pro-love activist. She believes storytelling is the key to real connection. Her background in journalism, performance arts, and her involvement in preventing sexual harassment and sharing the harmful effects of pornography, motivates her to keep the office and the movement going.




Parks Crooked


Awful Haircuts

Office Manager


With a masters degree in clinical social work, Rachel is passionate about social justice. When she’s not tackling social issues, you’ll find her working as a therapist with individuals struggling with pornography use and their partners. Dedicating her life to this movement for love is what brings her the greatest fulfillment. As a native Oregonian, Rachel loves spending time outdoors, rock climbing or exploring new places. What most people don’t know is that she has accomplished the art of making grilled cheese sandwiches.


Proposals On First Date Rejected


Countries Visited


Plays Written

Director of Nonprofit Development


Doug Osmond is a recovering boy band member and has helped several businesses grow and find success in his time as a philanthropic fundraiser. He's passionate about philanthropic work and helping organizations grow through fundraising, and has raised millions of dollars for worthy causes in his career. In his spare time, you can find Doug camping, hanging with his beautiful wife and 5 children, or wandering through the aisles of Costco.


Broken Drums Sticks


Costco Samples Eaten


Bigfoot Sightings

Editorial Director


Keri loves people, full stop. She has a journalism background, was raised by therapists, and deeply enjoys kale and cats. Keri seeks to learn from and listen to people from all different backgrounds and perspectives, and prides herself in being a loyal friend and deep empathizer. These qualities drive her to create impactful content that seeks to challenge and inform anyone and everyone on the important issues of sexual exploitation and pornography.


Times Reading Harry Potter


Hazelnut Lattes Monthly


Sushi Rolls Eaten

Director of Marketing & Partnerships


Born in Florida as a first-generation American, Jasmine has traipsed through life learning about and dabbling in just about everything. As a history buff and avid writer, she enjoys researching the latest marketing trends and fighting for love. When she’s not promoting Fight the New Drug across social platforms, you can find her cross-legged, listening to American history podcasts or digging into delicious ball park food.


Musical Instruments Played


Sings In The Shower


Teeth Brushings Per Day

Social Media Manager


Brigs' childhood dream was to become a rockstar and change the world. While he never became a famous musician, he is fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a world-changer by helping to organize online communities for causes he's passionate about. Brigs is dedicated to bringing together social communities, giving visibility to people's stories, and Tuna, his English bulldog. When he’s not taking part in social media movements, you can find him at a local plant nursery with his girlfriend.


House Plants


In-N-Out Double Doubles Eaten


UFO Sighting

Presenter/Podcast Developer


Garrett lives to inspire; from riding his bicycle 3,800 miles across the country to running 30 marathons in 30 days, he doesn’t give up easily but insists raising children requires more stamina. He loves the outdoors, road trips, and fighting for love. As one of FTND's veteran presenters, he’s spoken to more than 10,000 students about the harmful effects of porn, and is now working on the launch of FTND's first-ever podcast.


Hit By Car


Exotic Cars Owned


Up For Adventure

Presenter/Communications Manager


Parker grew up with a passion for talking. Now, as an adult, his passions have grown to include his wife, their one-eyed dog, and talking. When he learned about this organization and reflected on his experiences in a pornified culture, he knew he could use his passions to make an impact for this global movement. Now, he presents to thousands of students every year with FTND and manages communication on social platforms.


Dr. Peppers Consumed


Happy Camper


Youths Presented To



James has had been involved with nearly every kind of job imaginable. From shooting videos, to screenings bags at the airport with the TSA, to shoveling cow manure. All of this experience has created a drive in James to capture unique stories wherever they may be. He has shot videos in Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Mexico—but his favorite video was filmed 35 miles from his house. When James isn’t producing video content, you can find him getting lost in the hills behind his house with his two dogs.


McRib A Year


SciFi Books A Year


Ukuleles Owned/Played

Resource Manager


Venice has degrees in psychology and anthropology and is passionate about research, social issues, and boxed macaroni and cheese with hot sauce. With an Irish-fiddler father and classical-violinist mother, she learned to love music from an early age, and despite having an underdeveloped sense of taste in fine foods, she has a hyper-developed taste in music and podcasts. Venice has performed both qualitative and quantitative research in France, Thailand, and the United States, and is stoked to be part of this global movement for love.


Concerts Attended


Diet Is Juice


Moved To Tears Each Day

Art Director


Jordan is known for his wit, passion for the NBA, WWE Wrestling, and ability to capture the energy of this worldwide movement in his designs. When he’s not busy creating, you can find Jordan getting in as many push-ups and pull-ups as possible, or figuring out and explaining the latest design trends. His spirit animal is an alligator, which explains why his hot takes have so much bite.


Non-Black Tees Owned


Watched Home Alone


Water Consumed Daily

Art Director


Where most people are over 60% water, Scott is at least half of that in coffee. He is a uniquely talented hybrid of designer, developer, and home chef—only two of which come in handy at Fight the New Drug. Knowing at least something about pretty much everything, he’s an excellent addition to any pub-trivia team, and perfectly suited to tackle a wide variety of development and design challenges in this worldwide fight for love.


Miles Biked Last Year


Snowboard Instruction Certifications


Stoke Level



We are always looking for passionate, creative individuals that are looking to make a difference in the world who can help us take this worldwide movement to the next level.




The Office Manager is critical to the success of Fight the New Drug. This individual will be responsible for maintaining the daily office operations needed to keep the Salt Lake City office functioning smoothly. We are looking for an energetic, organized, resourceful, individual who can manage a variety of tasks and responsibilities with little to no supervision.

This position requires extreme organization, the ability to multitask and problem-solve, excellent writing and communication skills, and great customer service. We are looking for a positive, can-do personality to join our growing team and contribute to the movement.

Office Manager Requirements

  • 2 + years experience in a similar role
  • Proficient with learning new technologies and systems
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Integrity and discretion in handling confidential information

Office Manager Responsibilities

  • Help maintain the culture of FTND through the management of the FTND office
  • Handle all mailing, shipping, supply orders and office needs
  • Process bills and pay contracted positions
  • Maintain and order office supplies and equipment
  • Manage relationships with vendors to ensure all invoices and bills are paid on time
  • Greet and assist all individuals who come into the office
  • Answer and respond to all office phone calls
  • Respond to all inquiries from the FTND info mailing inbox
  • Manage the execution of the FTND Presentation program including the scheduling, planning, and booking of all presentation travel and presenter relationships
  • Facilitate and plan all office activities, events, and initiatives to support FTND culture
Fight the New Drug is an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate against applicants due to race, ethnicity, gender, veteran status, or on the basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class. All applicants applying for U.S. job openings must be authorized to work in the United States.


We would be nothing without our Fighters, and that’s why Contributors are such a valuable part of our FTND team and family. Contributors are Fighters looking to share their skills and talents with the movement. Already have a full-time or part-time job? Currently a student? Looking for something you can do from home? No problem, our contributors work on their own time, in their own locations, to help FTND fulfill projects and promote change. Learn more and apply today!

We are currently accepting intern applications for:


Are you interested in sharing your writing skills with FTND? Apply today to join our team of contributing blog writers. The individuals on this team work with our staff to create pieces of content that are published to the blog to help change the conversation and fight for love.
Please note: our team of contributing writers is currently full, but we pull from applications when spots open up.

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