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Over 100 quick stats and findings from an ever-growing body of research.

(Wéry & Billieux, 2016)
In a 2016 study, researchers found that 46.9% of respondents reported that, over time, they began watching pornography that had previously disinterested or even disgusted them.
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Fast Fact #4
(Martellozzo, Monaghan, Adler, Davidson, Leyva, & Horvath, 2016)
A UK survey found that 44% of males aged 11–16 who consumed pornography reported that online pornography gave them ideas about the type of sex they wanted to try.
(Snagowski, Wegmann, Pekal, Laier, & Brand, 2015)
Research shows remarkable neurological similarities between substance addiction and compulsive pornography consumption.
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Fast Fact #16
(Wright, Paul, & Herbenick, 2021)
According to a nationally representative survey of U.S. teens, 84.4% of 14 to 18-year-old males and 57% of 14 to 18-year-old females have viewed pornography.
(Walker, Makin, & Morczek, 2016)
Research shows that “teen” is one of the most consistently popular porn themes, and that this theme is 1) becoming increasingly popular, and 2) includes the portrayal of underage characters.
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Fast Fact #96
(Sniewski, Farvid, & Carter, 2018)
Research has found that therapy is an effective way to treat problematic pornography consumption.
(Vera-Gray, McGlynn, Kureshi, & Butterby, 2021)
Researchers have found that representations of step-relationships in porn titles were actually less common than depictions of blood relationships, with the majority of incest-themed titles describing sexual activity between immediate family members.
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Fast Fact #99
(van Oosten & Vandenbosch, 2020)
Research shows that porn consumers are more likely to forward intimate images without consent. Researchers suggest this may be because regular porn consumers tend to develop sexually objectifying attitudes towards others.
(Park, Wilson, Berger, Christman, Reina, Bishop, Klam, & Doan, 2016; Banca, Morris, Mitchell, Harrison, Potenza, & Voon, 2016)
Because of desensitization, many porn consumers find themselves consuming more porn, consuming more often, or consuming more extreme forms of pornography.
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Fast Fact #8