Researchers have found that approximately 95% of the targets of violence or aggression in porn appeared either neutral to the abuse, or were depicted as responding with pleasure.
(Bridges, Wosnitzer, Scharrer, Sun, & Liberman, 2010)
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Fast Fact #62
Research indicates that young people often feel pressured to imitate porn when having sex.
(Rothman, Kaczmarsky, Burke, Jansen, & Baughman, 2015)
Research shows that porn consumers are more likely to forward intimate images without consent. Researchers suggest this may be because regular porn consumers tend to develop sexually objectifying attitudes towards others.
(van Oosten & Vandenbosch, 2020)
A UK survey found that 44% of males aged 11–16 who consumed pornography reported that online pornography gave them ideas about the type of sex they wanted to try.
(Martellozzo, Monaghan, Adler, Davidson, Leyva, & Horvath, 2016)
Research suggests that frequent porn consumers are less likely to intervene during a sexual assault.
(Foubert & Bridges, 2017; Foubert, Brosi, & Bannon, 2011)
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Fast Fact #102
Research shows remarkable neurological similarities between substance addiction and compulsive pornography consumption.
(Snagowski, Wegmann, Pekal, Laier, & Brand, 2015)
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Fast Fact #16
Research has found that therapy is an effective way to treat problematic pornography consumption.
(Sniewski, Farvid, & Carter, 2018)
Some frequent porn consumers can become so accustomed to the exaggerated forms of sex they see in porn, that they may have a difficult time becoming aroused in real-life sexual encounters unless porn is also present.
(Park, Wilson, Berger, Christman, Reina, Bishop, Klam, & Doan, 2016; Sun, Bridges, Johnson, & Ezzell, 2016)
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Fast Fact #48
Longitudinal, qualitative research has found that young people's narratives surrounding anal sex often encourage coercion, pain, and other risky behaviors, and that they often attribute these narratives to pornography, as it can normalize sexual behaviors and attitudes.
(Marston & Lewis, 2014)
Despite porn’s promise of improving consumers’ sex lives, research shows that consuming porn is associated with decreased sexual satisfaction.
(Szymanski & Stewart-Richardson, 2014)
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Fast Fact #49