Man Sets Up Fake “Sleep Study” To Rape 100 Women And Film It

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Too many people are blind to the link between porn and sexual violence. They think that the porn industry and sex trafficking industry are two completely separate issues, one being legitimate and the latter being illegal activity that only happens in far away countries. Not so.

The latest horrifying story we’ve come across in the dark world of sexual exploitation comes from Japan, where it’s been reported that a man sexually took advantage of dozens of women (about 100), from teenagers through age 40, under the guise of a “medical sleep study.” Wow.

According to the CNN report, it claims authorities are saying the man behind this crime “has no medical training and the study was merely a ruse to isolate women, drug them, assault them and film the attacks.”

ReportCheck out CNN’s video report and article here

So, with no medical training or certifications known, this man took out ads to recruit women for a “sleep study” at a hotel, where the only criteria was that he needed to be able to check their blood pressure while they were asleep. What followed wasn’t a peaceful sleep—it was a drugged nightmare.

More Than Just One Man’s Crime

After the women agreed to meet up at various hotels of his choosing, the perpetrator reportedly drugged them to the point where they were in no state of mind to even be aware of what was going on. And that’s when the videotaping began.

CNN’s report claims that the man made $100,000 dollars for selling his videotapes of his raping of unconscious and drugged women to porn sites that then circulated the videos. This leaves us wondering how our society is still failing to see the connection of sexual violence, fueled by the demands of porn consumption and production.

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The porn industry, of course, having no regulatory body to ensure ethical trade of consensual sex or consensual broadcast, was all too happy to provide these videos to anyone who input the right search terms. And it’s a society that seems to be growing more and more obsessed with the extremes of porn and sexual dominance each year as hundreds of millions of hours are spent consuming hardcore and abusive porn that constantly pushes the limit of what is acceptable behavior, and where the lines of consent are blurry, nonexistent, and, ultimately, ignored.

While some might say they pay for porn, what is sure is that porn sites paid for this man’s criminal actions, and was content to do so until one of the women, reportedly, saw herself in a video and raised the alarm. Not cool.

More Connected Than Society Thinks

Science and research are showing that porn isn’t only harmful to those who watch it, it’s also harmful to those who create it. And in too many cases, it’s harmful to people who want nothing to do with it, but are forced into being a part of it. Unfortunately, society doesn’t understand this yet, so we’re doing something about it.

And as the research on the harmful effects of porn is growing, the links to human rights violations are stacking up.

The porn industry is a sketchy industry to begin with, but it takes a really dangerous turn when porn involving sex trafficking victims is made and distributed globally online. Countless women, men, boys and girls have been kidnapped, threatened, and/or coerced into doing porn; this is, by definition, sex trafficking/slavery. And it happens more often than the average public would like to believe.

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Luckily, the man in this sleep study case has been caught, and is set to go to trial. His chances don’t appear to be good, as CNN also reports that Japan has an extremely high conviction rate for these types of crimes. But the damage has been done for these dozens of women, whose recorded rapes are circulating on the internet, categorized as “entertainment” for anyone who runs across these videos.

Truthfully, in this digital age, there is no way for a consumer to tell if what they are watching was made illegally or if all parties are there willingly. For this reason, clicking porn directly fuels the demand for sex traffickers to make money by selling video of their sex slaves to porn sites.

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Clicking Porn Fuels Sexual Exploitation

What YOU Can Do

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