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How You Can Make a Lasting Impact with Fight the New Drug

Our supporters from around the world ask us how they can make an active difference in this movement. Our answer? Join our Fighter Club!

By February 2, 2023No Comments

We have the best Fighters in the world. We say it a lot because it’s true.

Every day, we are amazed by the incredible amount of support we get from Fighters all over the world who take this movement for love and make it their own in inspiring and creative ways.

As this movement grows, we are so excited to see more and more Fighters who are willing to help spread the word on the real harms of pornography in their own communities. And with this global family of Fighters who are just as passionate about the cause as we are, we frequently hear from Fighters who are looking for ways to contribute more directly to the cause.

Our answer? Join Fighter Club.

What Is Fighter Club

The Fighter Club is our community of Fighters who partner with Fight the New Drug every month by donating $10 or more to help others recognize how porn can impact them, their relationships, and their communities. We already have hundreds of loyal Fighters from all over the world who have chosen to join Fighter Club and donate once a month to the cause.

And you might be asking, what’s the point of contributing? We’re so glad you asked!

Every dollar counts when considering our global initiative to educate and raise awareness in society on the harmful effects of pornography.

In fact, every dollar given through Fighter Club goes straight into funding our Education and Mobilization programs—helping us to educate countless individuals on the harmful effects of porn through our Presentation Program, create engaging content to bring awareness to this issue, fulfill our mobilization initiatives and raise awareness online, and so much more to actively fight for love!


This is an opportunity to infuse more love into the world and partner with us by choosing to contribute to something with a lasting impact that only costs you about two cups of coffee a month.

Fighter Club Benefits

There are some real perks to being a part of the Fighter Club, aside from supporting the movement.

Every new Fighter Club member receives an exclusive Fighter Club Kit as a way to welcome and thank them for their valuable support. These kits include exclusive items that Fighter Club members can use to show their support and remind them why they fight for love.

Impact Journal

This Impact Journal features messages and reviews detailing how the resources made possible by Fighter Club are making a real difference in the lives of countless individuals around the world.

Change Begins With One Token

Keep the movement top of mind with this Fighter Club exclusive Change Begins With One token. Carry it with you to stay motivated during your journey or as a discreet reminder of why you’re a Fighter.

Fighter Club Sticker Sheet

Show your support with this exclusive Fighter Club sticker sheet, including five stickers featuring the Fighter Club logo.

Aside from receiving a Fighter Club Kit when you sign up, Fighter Club members also get ongoing benefits, including:

Insider Updates

As an active supporter, you’ll receive regular updates on how your donation is directly helping the movement, highlighting successes, and sharing future goals of the movement. You will see the true, measured impact of Fighters everywhere.

Secret Store Access

As an exclusive member of our Fighter community, our team has built a Secret Store that only Fighter Club members can access and grab gear from. This includes exclusive apparel, unique accessories, and other items that other Fighters won’t ever get to see unless they join. Plus, it is always 30% off for Fighter Club members. Talk about a serious perk!

Store Discount

As a token of our appreciation for Fighter Club members, we want to make it easier for you to rep the movement by offering discounts on Fighter gear so you can stock up on all of the current and upcoming Fighter gear. Fighter Club members get 30% off the Fight the New Drug store, always!

Early Releases

Fighter Club gets first dibs on any new releases before they’re dropped in the Fight the New Drug store. A sweet perk, especially considering that some items sell out quickly!

Join the Fighter Club

Fight the New Drug would be nowhere without all the support we receive daily from our Fighters who rep the movement in their cities, schools, and communities. By joining the Fighter Club, you will be having a direct impact on helping this movement spread across the globe and back again.


Society needs to understand that science has caught up with the truth regarding the harmful effects of pornography. By donating $10 a month or more, you are helping us achieve our mission to change the conversation and the world.

We can’t do it without Fighters like you. Consider becoming an elite Fighter and join the Fighter Club today!