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Since 2009, we've given visibility to research and personal accounts demonstrating how pornography can negatively impact individuals, relationships, and society. Through this grassroots movement, millions of people have found hope and freedom. We couldn't do this without Fighters like you!

Impact Journal #574
I believe that podcasts and organizations like this are just what we need. Porn has become such a prevalent issue in our society today, and being able to have challenging conversations and ones that might seem a bit awkward at first is exactly what we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and focus instead on emotional healing and prevention from the damaging effects that porn can have.
Impact Journal #302
Your articles and documentary have helped me so much with my fight. I’m very fortunate to have you guys work so hard every day to help me. So, thanks for everything you’ve done for me and for people around the world.
Impact Journal #121
I’ve struggled with porn addiction since age 12. I’m finally choosing to let my shame go. Porn is very prevalent in Icelandic society, but its negative effects are rarely, if ever, discussed. People view it as perfectly normal. Therapists never mention it as an issue, and I’ve never heard an Icelandic person admit they have a problem with porn, so I felt like I was the only one. Hearing personal accounts from FTND and studying the research has been so refreshing, knowing that I am not alone. In high school, I gave a speech explaining porn stats I got from your website. The teacher told me afterwards she’d learned a lot and wished everyone in school could hear that message. I think people here would agree, but they just don’t know. So I wanted to thank you, especially for your podcast which has been a way for me to be surrounded by light and strength. You reach far outside the US, and have at least one supporter in Iceland. Much love.
Impact Journal #615
I just wanna say thank you for helping so many people deal with pornography. I've been addicted in my teenage years as well and your podcast really helped me to break out of this habit. Thank you!
Impact Journal #547
Let me first say thank you for what you're doing! Education is so important. You are helping so many people. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. When my son was in eighth grade, I used your Brain, Heart, World videos to teach him about porn; it opened the door to so many really important conversations we probably wouldn't have had otherwise.
Impact Journal #590
I LOVE the Consider Before Consuming podcasts. I used to struggle with pornography, and it ruined my relationships and my life. Fight the New Drug and this podcast are awesome because they don’t shame BUT they’re informative about the harms of pornography and what it can do to you.
Impact Journal #9
I wanted to reach out and let you know that this organization is really an incredible resource, especially for other teenagers like me. I chose to write my most recent research paper on the detriments of pornography. I knew it wasn't a good thing, but I was shocked by the sheer number of ways it can negatively impact a person. This paper quickly became priority number one in school. Fight the New Drug provided a lot of information that really benefited me as both a person and a writer. I check in regularly to see what new information is available and always look forward to reading more. Thank you for providing this information for us.
Impact Journal #366
Thank you guys! It is an AMAZING movement that you promote and believe in. I was THRILLED when I found you guys because it’s easy to be bogged down by the heaviness in the world around us to the point that you forget the necessity of standing up and fighting against it. You fight the good fight every day and I am truly honored to be able to, even in a small way, bring attention to that with the shirt on my back.
Impact Journal #534
After watching Brain, Heart, World, I think that I understand a little bit more about how much pornography distorted my relationships and my goals in life to be happy and have an authentic life.
Impact Journal #340
As a pediatric nurse practitioner and mother of three, I am so grateful for the work you are doing. I also remember when you were the keynote speaker at the NAPNAP conference a while back and I learned so much. Please keep up the education and hard work, it is so important!
Impact Journal #203
Incredible articles! I’ve been following your organization for a little while and I feel so humbled to be educated on the harms of this “drug.” As someone with impressionable siblings, I want to keep them safe from harmful content online, and you’re broadening my perspective on this matter. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Impact Journal #372
Porn is something that I believed was normal for the majority of my life. Over the past couple of months, I have started to realize how it was affecting me, and then I discovered this page. Hesitant at first to learn and dive into all the knowledge you guys have to offer, today I sat down and finished the three-part video series Brain, Heart, World. LIFE CHANGING! It was fun, truthful, interesting, scary, and most importantly, it brought up so many good points on how this “normalized” drug is affecting not only myself but our society as a whole. Porn KILLS LOVE! I am starting my fight today!
Impact Journal #104
I love the message you spread. You’ve really changed my outlook and opened my eyes.