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Since 2009, we've given visibility to research and personal accounts demonstrating how pornography can negatively impact individuals, relationships, and society. Through this grassroots movement, millions of people have found hope and freedom. We couldn't do this without Fighters like you!

Impact Journal #115
Our son was negatively impacted by violent pornography. He was caught watching it when he was 12 years old, and we didn’t have the right tools to properly talk to him at that time. Two years later, he sexually assaulted a girl. He simply acted out what he had been consuming over all those years. He didn’t stop watching it when we caught him, he just watched it more secretly. Now that we know more about the effects of pornography and what it’s doing to our youth, marriages, and minds, we try to educate as many people as possible.
Impact Journal #531
The three episodes of Brain, Heart, World inspired me to try and make a difference in my country. Great job to your team for doing this docuseries, and a special thank you to the people who shared their stories and experiences with us viewers. You are precious.
Impact Journal #327
Thank you for your fight. I use your words as inspiration to stop watching porn and remind myself that porn is harmful.
Impact Journal #436
I’ve never heard so much information about porn. I’ve searched a lot of websites but none of them were as descriptive and detailed as yours. More so, having people share their experiences gives me so much hope.
Impact Journal #648
Fighter Club has given me hope. I am always needing a reminder that healing is possible and that people can change. No one is stuck watching porn forever. My boyfriend and I have grown so much stronger because of our teamwork, and he is so much healthier and happier now than ever. If it weren’t for FTND, we wouldn’t have gotten the resources that we needed to fight. It has been amazing being on the receiving end of hope, but it is even more fulfilling to be on the giving end.
Impact Journal #641
This donation marks the start of my own recovery and I thank you so much for your service.
Impact Journal #551
Since I started informing myself through your documentary and publications, I'm finally changing myself and I'm starting to get rid of this horrible habit that I had since I was 12.
Impact Journal #84
Porn has been a lifelong struggle and I’m a big supporter of your organization. My fiancé introduced me to you. He loves you guys!
Impact Journal #280
Porn really messed me up. I used to be focused on my goals as a student, and I connected well with my peers, but all of that went wrong after viewing porn and getting hooked. I've lost my self-esteem, I don't socialize, and I am always so lonely. Every time I go without porn for some time, I regain energy, but I've lost count of how many times I've relapsed. I’m not giving up though, I'll keep up the fight.
Impact Journal #577
Pornography is an epidemic! Thankfully, Fight the New Drug is using every platform available to help fight this disease that is spreading! This podcast is full of valuable information!
Impact Journal #43
As a teen, I watched porn all the way until I became pregnant with my first kid. My mother raised us to be aware of addiction and how it sneaks up on you and takes over your life. I knew there was something wrong with the fact that I always resorted back to watching porn. The fact that I couldn’t stop permanently wasn’t “normal,” so I went searching for research on the subject. That’s when I stumbled upon this huge movement called Fight the New Drug. Once I read the stats on how people are sex trafficked for porn, and how porn is impacting our culture and love, I was devastated that I had been supporting. It pushed me to learn more, and that’s when I learned how porn affects our brains and pulls us into the addiction. I made it my mission to never let my porn addiction affect me again and to reach out to as many people as possible to educate and help others with their addiction to porn. I can PROUDLY say I have not watched porn in two years!! I am proud to be porn-free!
Impact Journal #172
Thank you so much for everything that you do. Four months ago, my husband confessed to a pornography addiction after I caught him secretly watching porn. I’ve used so many of your resources to educate both of us (especially myself) to help us navigate this very difficult situation. It’s definitely not easy, but this community & others sharing their stories have helped me more than I can put into words.
Impact Journal #614
I felt compelled to reach out and give a huge thank you to everyone at this organization. I’ve been dealing with a porn addiction for a while now and just recently started getting real help to try and recover. I came across the Consider Before Consuming podcast and have been going through episodes over the past several weeks. It’s really helped continue to open my eyes to the problem and made me feel not as alone. The episode with Alex especially touched me as I felt like he was telling a version of my story. Please keep up the awesome work and if there is anything I could ever do to help I wouldn’t think twice!