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What You Support When You Buy and Wear Fighter Gear from Fight the New Drug

Repping the movement is so much more than just getting a tee. Repping means representing the stand you're taking against porn and for real love.

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Decades of studies from respected institutions have demonstrated significant impacts of porn consumption on individuals, relationships, and society. No Porn November is all about giving visibility to these facts and empowering individuals to choose to be porn-free. Learn more by clicking here.

“Rep the movement.”

That’s a phrase you’ll hear and see a lot all over our site and social media, but you might not know exactly what it means.

For one reason, it means that you got a shirt from our online store and you proudly wear it to spark conversations about the scientifically shown harms of porn, or it means that you have seriously cool style and you want to wear a tee that represents a larger global movement to stop the demand for sexual exploitation.

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But when you rep the movement, what exactly are you repping? How are you becoming an active part of this organization when you make a donation or grab a tee from our online store?

The truth is, every time you choose to rep the movement, you keep this movement going. When you wear your “Porn Kills Love” or “Stop The Demand” tee, or any other Fighter gear, you support this cause in every way—including with your dollars. In a big way, buying a shirt is making a donation to this nonprofit, and helping to fund our social awareness campaign.

Donate Now

Here’s one way to think of it—consider your tee shirt as a “gift” in response to you saying YES to spreading the word on the harms of porn.

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And since Fighters all over the world have generously agreed to say YES to spread the word on the harms of porn, we want to be clear about where your dollars go, and why your support is so massively important to continuing to spread the word that porn is anything but harmless entertainment.

The bottom line is, you support our bottom line.

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From our very beginning in 2009, to where we are now, we would be nowhere without our Fighters, and we are so grateful for the support we receive from each and every one of you who are repping the movement and sharing our resources with your friends, family members, and society.

With every “share,” “like,” and comment, our movement grows, and with every donation and tee shirt purchase, it grows a little bit more—and the more we can grow this movement for love through education, the more we can decrease the demand for porn and sexual exploitation.

By choosing to actively support Fight the New Drug today, here are the conversation-changing projects you’ll be helping to make possible.

Store - Consciously Created

Globalization: getting the word out

There could be the best, most thorough and credible information from the best sources, but if we don’t share it and give it a platform, no one will know about it.

That’s why developing and producing quality, sharable resources is a vital and necessary part of this movement, and that’s why your part in our mobilization is so important.

The mobilization of our efforts across the globe is who we are, at the core: an awareness campaign and an educational platform that shines a light on pornography’s harms.

We have spent countless hours and consulted with many experts in developing programs that will best reach people around the world, and educate on why porn is harmful to individuals, relationships, and society. Our goal is to make sure anyone can access this information, so we’ve gathered it and optimized it for sharing and conversation-starting.

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The resources our Fighters donate go directly into making these things possible!

The Translated Sites | Also included in our globalization efforts are our ongoing translation projects, which involve professionally translating select FTND materials and resources into other languages. Right now, you can access select FTND resources on our Spanish translated site!

The Blog & Research Articles | Mobilization efforts also include our blog that has over 1,300 posts, all centering around how porn is connected to sex trafficking, relationship dissatisfaction, and harms to porn consumers. Additionally, we have other collaborative efforts including partnering with researchers and experts in writing and updating our Get the Facts articles and getting the word out on social media with professional writers and bloggers.

Social Media Awareness Campaigns | FTND’s ever-growing online presence continues to be one of the most recognized aspects of our organization, and one that raises awareness by educating millions of people each year. Behind every post, every tweet, and every blog is an entire team of people dedicated to making sure that we’re delivering the best, most accurate and relevant information available to the public relating to porn’s harms.

At the end of the day, this wouldn’t be a global movement without all of you, and when you support FTND, you’re tangibly giving further power to the facts that society desperately needs to hear.

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Education: Raising awareness and empowering youth

We believe that one of the greatest ways to decrease the demand for pornography, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking is through education.

We share the facts with our target audience, youth, and teens, by traveling around the world. Our ambassadors and presenters give informative and quality presentations to a variety of different audience where we share resources to help educate our world on this issue.

And our current and past programs and projects are just the beginning of our efforts to educate the world, and they made possible by support from people like you, all around the world.

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Live Presentation Program | Fight the New Drug’s live assembly program is one of the most effective and powerful tools for our cause. Having the opportunity to be face-to-face with tens of thousands of youth, parents, community leaders, and educators all across the country every year, is a huge indicator of how many schools and communities are joining the movement and agreeing that pornography is a huge issue for this generation.

Our 2019 presentation tours brought us in front of more teens and adults than ever before in more countries, and the response was amazing. We had to take a break from visiting schools in 2020 and 2021, but we have been excited to get back to schools and communities this year and in 2023 with an updated and improved presentation.

The power of providing our engaging multimedia presentation in schools and communities all across the country was and continues to be immediately apparent, resulting in more connections, awareness, and education where it’s needed most.

Live Presentations

“Brain, Heart World,” Our Documentary Series | This three-part film series educates viewers on how porn affects individuals through a combination of engaging humor, relatable personal stories and the clear presentation of facts.

Dr. Don Hilton Jr., Dr. Simone Khün, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, Dr. William Struthers, and dozens more experts do a fantastic job of explaining the research as well as trafficking survivors and real couples in terms that young people can understand.

You might laugh, you might cry, but you’ll definitely think. Click here to view all three episodes for free! We can’t wait for you to see the educational tool you’ve helped us create with your support.

BHW - General | Now, you can sort through countless research studies from major institutions that detail the harmful effects of porn. Think of it like an aggregated research site, complete with video interviews of experts from around the world in diverse academic fields.

The next time you have a research project or want to see the raw text from studies, free from commentary, check out Our Fighters made this resource happen!

Consider Before Consuming, A Podcast by FTND | Introducing our first ever podcast. Join us as we consider the harmful effects of pornography using science, facts, and personal accounts. Episode one is officially live! Go to to subscribe today and listen! 🎧

Every day, we’re excited by the potential we know projects like these have to reach individuals across the globe with the facts, and they all depend on the support of Fighters like you. What we’ve listed here is only the start of what we’re working on.

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Thank you, Fighters

There are many other ongoing and future projects that we’re continuing to create and share, and they wouldn’t be possible without your support and your continued choice to partner with us in this fight for love.

Through whatever means you’re able to, supporting this organization is literally representing the stand you’re taking against porn and the stand you’re taking to fight for real love.

Donate Now

If you want to continue to further the impact you’re making, make sure to have conversations, share the research we’ve compiled and spread the movement to friends and family, bring us to present in your community.

All of these things, no matter how small they seem, make a huge difference and create a dent in this issue that you can experience through real social change.

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And if you have the means to do so, please consider grabbing a Fighter teejoining the Fighter Club with a recurring donation, or make a one-time donation to this awareness campaign today, so that together we can continue to make an active difference in millions of lives.

Thank you, Fighters, for your continued passion for this cause, and for supporting and partnering with us however you can. We’re just getting started, and we are so honored to have such a motivated and continually growing community of loyal supporters.

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