I’m Xandrino Mangunay, a Fighter here in the Philippines. I fight in the ring as an amateur boxer, and I fight for real love whenever I’m out in the streets.

Before knowing about Fight the New Drug, I thought that I could hide behind the small screen of my computer and watch porn and be fine. I thought that I could satisfy my desires without forcing or hurting anyone. Little did I know that a lot more was going on behind the scenes—but I thought that I could hide it forever. But because of Fight the New Drug’s movement, I realized that I can do something about the guilt that I was feeling and help others be informed about the harms of watching porn.

I expressed my desire to support the movement and later on received paraphernalia that helped me spread the word about it. And deep inside I was also hoping that this decision would help stop human trafficking and violence, and encourage others to join me and do the same.

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In my desire to let others know about it, I went out in the streets to distribute handout cards and stickers. I waited at mall entrances, overpass, and street sides and approached people to start a conversation. And to my surprise, almost all of them took a copy of the handout cards and were quite interested. It was great! But when it was already getting late and I was on my way home, I saw some of the handout cards scattered on the street. I was so disappointed.

But what happened that night didn’t stop me from approaching people about the movement. In the workplace, I’ve been labeled as the “Porn Kills Love” guy. It’s a good thing because it opened up so many conversations with men who struggled and are struggling with pornography. I shared with them how porn destroyed me and how I was able to get out of it. It was funny and uncomfortable, but the best thing about it was we became accountable to each other.

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I’ve observed that “porn” is a taboo word at our workplace and wherever I go, but I believe that it should be talked about more openly. In an oversexualized society where sex is already so common and yet not talked about or understood, more and more men come out of it defeated and disillusioned (I was one of them). Someone has to do something about it.

So to those who also want to be part of this movement, step up and do something about it. It’s not yet too late to start anew and ditch porn. Support FTND’s movement and let others know about your passion and involvement. You’re not alone. We’re fighting this battle with you.

Don’t be afraid to share your story and talk about your struggles. Inspire them with your story. And most especially, do it with love.

What YOU Can Do

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