for Exploitation

Sex trafficking is a global epidemic that affects 4.5 million people across the globe. #StopTheDemand shines a light on the victims and survivors of sex trafficking while raising awareness about one of the main sources that drives the demand for sexual exploitation: pornography.

Is Porn Connected to Sex Trafficking? TAKE QUIZ

Trafficking By the Numbers

14.5 million people are estimated to be trapped in forced sexual exploitation around the world.

2Hundreds of thousands of trafficking victims are located within the United States.

3Sex trafficking generates $99 billion annually.

4The average age victims are first trafficked is 16, according to one survey.

One person trafficked is one too many.

Help Us Raise $10,000

One month’s shelter expenses:

  • $4,440 – Rent, shelter staff, utilities
  • $2,770 – Food and toiletries

One-time shelter expenses:

  • $900 – 30 transportations to therapy
  • $800 – Income-generating sewing project
  • $400 – 5 bus rentals
  • $390 – 26 school uniforms
  • $300 – Shelter field trip

Win A Trip To Work With Survivors In Nepal.

HELP International and FTND are offering an all-expense paid volunteer trip to Nepal. Here’s how to qualify:

Nepal Trip FAQs


Grab a Tee & Create Change

Start a conversation about how porn fuels the demand for trafficking.

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More Ways To Fight Trafficking & Support Survivors


Polaris can use your Delta SkyMiles to get trafficking victims to safety.
Thorn can use your experience in technical and non-technical opportunities.
Financially support a local shelter or anti-trafficking organization.

Educate & Advocate

Advocate for trafficking survivors in your community.
Take Operation Underground Railroad’s free online course on recognizing the signs of sex trafficking.
Raise awareness about male sex trafficking survivor experiences with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.


Support anti-trafficking efforts in your community.
Go on a trip with HELP International.
Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888) or text the BeFree Textline (233733) if you notice suspicious activity.

Share this page and spread the facts.