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Join us as we raise awareness to stop the demand for pornography and sexual exploitation through education and awareness, rather than restriction. We invite you to educate yourself and others on how the porn industry fuels the demand for exploitation, sex trafficking, objectification, sexualized racism, nonconsensual content, sexual violence and abuse, and child sexual abuse. Together, we can #StopTheDemand.

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Stop The Demand

for Sex Trafficking

Pornography is the 3rd-most common form of sex trafficking, according to cases reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. (Polaris, 2020)

Stop The Demand

for Objectification

Research shows that people who consume porn frequently are more likely to objectify and dehumanize others. (Skorska, Hodson, & Hoffarth, 2018; Zhou, Liu, Yan, & Paul, 2021)

Stop The Demand

for Sexualized Racism

A 2021 study analyzed videos from popular porn sites and found that porn featuring Black people perpetuate harmful racist stereotypes, disproportionately emphasize violence and aggression, and often depict Black people as “worse than objects.” (Fritz, Malic, Paul, & Zhou, 2021)

Stop The Demand

for Nonconsensual Content

1 in 12 U.S. adults report that they have been victims of image-based abuse —sometimes called “revenge porn—and 1 in 20 report that they have been perpetrators of image-based abuse. (Ruvalcaba & Eaton, 2020)

Stop The Demand

for Sexual Violence & Abuse

1 out of every 8 porn titles shown to first-time users on porn home pages describe acts of sexual violence, according to a 2021 study. (Vera-Gray, McGlynn, Kureshi, & Butterby, 2021)

Stop The Demand

for Child Sexual Abuse

Of the domestic minor trafficking victims who had been forced into porn, the average age they began being filmed was 12.8 years old. (Thorn, 2018)

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