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Kansas City Royals Becomes First MLB Team To Take A Stand Against Porn

Since the start of Fight the New Drug, we have been passionate about influencing an entire generation to rise up and fight the status quo, rejecting the...

Since the start of Fight the New Drug, we have been passionate about influencing an entire generation to rise up and fight the status quo, rejecting the idea that porn and sexual exploitation is healthy, normal, or cool.

Based on the peer-reviewed science, research, and personal accounts from all over the world, this is clearly an issue that impacts every corner of our society whether the general public realizes it or not. And since there is a huge desire for understanding and knowledge, as an organization, we are dedicated to educating any audience that is looking for the facts on porn’s proven harms so they can make an educated decision for themselves.

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This is an issue that can affect absolutely anyone across the globe, but there are specific groups of people that can be especially at risk for struggling with toxic habits, including porn, that can negatively impact their lives—one of which is professional sports players. The fact is, minor and major league baseball players, like other sports players and professions in the public eye, live in a high-pressure environment while also traveling a ton during the seasons. This lifestyle can pave the way for unhealthy habits, as research has shown.

But one team is stepping up to the plate, recognizing how the proven negative effects of porn and sexual exploitation have the potential to impact their players and overall team culture—the Kansas City Royals.

We’re proud to say that this past weekend Dayton Moore, General Manager of the Kansas City Royals, invited our team out to their spring training weekend for a live presentation event with their coaches and players, and it went fantastically.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We first met up with the management team for the Kansas City Royals in December, after Dayton Moore’s comments about the harmful effects of porn and its connection to domestic violence during a press conference went viral. We featured him on Facebook and got a ton of support from our Fighters for his speaking out, as well as a call from Dayton himself.

How awesome is that? But that’s just where things got started.

Fast-forward a few months, and the Royals’ leadership team flew out to our world headquarters to brainstorm how we could partner together in this fight for love and move the needle on this issue. Needless to say, it was an incredible day for everyone that resulted in awesome collaboration ideas.

And this past weekend, those goals became reality at our groundbreaking spring training presentation event where over 200 Royals players, coaches, trainers, and staff attended.

The tone of the event was set by Dayton Moore, who emphasized the importance of understanding this issue and its impact on players. Baseball veteran Blaine Boyer, who has been an MLB pitcher for 16 years and played for the Royals’ minor league team, also spoke at the event. Boyer works with the non-profit Exodus Road, and recently spent ten days undercover with former MLB first baseman, Adam LaRoche, helping to identify and rescue under-age sex slaves in Southeast Asia.

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In FTND’s awareness-raising presentation to the players, we specifically focused on how porn can impact a consumer’s overall well-being, which in turn can affect productivity, work performance, and personal image. Seeing as they are all constantly in the spotlight, and setting an example for those who look to them for inspiration, this issue is something that can greatly impact not only their careers, but their lives.

“It says a lot about the organization, that they care so much,” said FTND Co-Founder and President Clay Olsen. “Not only do they care about how the players perform on the field, but they also care about the overall well-being of the players and how they’re doing off the field, as well.”

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We presented to the players about the research, and how porn has the potential to impact their overall well-being, productivity, performance, as well as their personal image. This is a habit that is considered normal and cool, but ultimately isn’t worth the risks, and they were super receptive to the info we shared.

Looking ahead

After this weekend’s presentation event, coaches met together and game-planned implementation strategies, going over the data we shared and packaging it in a way that can tangibly help players. FTND also met with Royals players, who let us know they were stoked to have us.

As an entire organization, it’s awesome to see how seriously they’re tackling this issue. Check out the post from MiLB Strength and Conditioning Coach, Austin Womack, who highlights the fact that the Royals are the first organization in professional baseball to actively join the fight against the harmful effects of porn and sexual exploitation.

“Today I had the honor of listening to Clay (one of FTND’s co-founders) present on the harmful effects of pornography. Words really can’t express how much fighting the battle against pornography addiction means to me, and how grateful I am to be a part of the @kcroyals organization, the first organization in professional baseball to actively fight against porn addiction. It says a ton about the kind of men we have in leadership roles and it makes me even more eager to serve under them. – My personal story with porn addiction started when I was around 12-13 and it accelerated into an addiction throughout high school in college. In those years if you would’ve asked me if I had an addiction I would’ve said “Heck no. Addiction is for stuff like alcohol and drugs.” Especially because of how normal porn is in our society today. All my friends watched it. It really wasn’t a big deal. – It wasn’t until I actively started to fight this addiction, and see victory in this addiction, that I began to realize that there were areas of my life that were negatively affected by my porn addiction. My relationships with girls was the main victim, but it also affected other things like my sleep habits. Also, it’s a super tough addiction to beat, which confirms to me that this thing really is an addiction. – The last few years I have been battling this addiction I would see victory for a month or two and then I would relapse back into it for a few weeks before getting clean again. It was a roller coaster. I knew I wanted to get clean, and I thought I knew how to, but I had yet to see sustained progress. This is where @fightthenewdrug comes in. – 5 months ago I started the Fortify Program @joinfortify . Since then I have refrained from viewing porn, which makes this current streak the longest since I was first exposed to porn over a decade ago. – I still face temptation all the time. Its tough. It’s a daily battle. But it’s a battle that is winnable and the positive repercussions from beating this addiction are more than worth the fight. My life is proof.” – @awomack12 🙌⚾

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“This isn’t a one-and-done deal,” Clay said about the Royals. “This is something this organization will be addressing in time to come. In addition to many other health focuses and training aspects, this will be one of the issues they cover with the players. They care about their players’ well-being.” How cool is that?

As a movement for real love that paves the way for conversations to be had in fresh spaces about the harmful effects of porn, we’re excited to see where these partnerships lead for more people to hear this massively important message.