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What This Anti-Trafficking Expert Says is the Key to Ending Sex Trafficking

“Sex traffickers are motivated by one thing,” Dr. Shively said. “They are trying to make money. It’s a market, a business, and the commodity is people. You only generate the supply—the people—if there is demand, and without demand, there is no motivation whatsoever to come up with that supply.”


It’s True That “Porn Kills Love,” and So Does Shame

As an organization, we have never intended the phrase “Porn Kills Love” to be shaming. Helping people recognize that porn is harmful isn’t about shaming them, it’s about inviting them to truly consider how porn impacts their life.


Is Making an OnlyFans Worth It?

The platform is quickly becoming a new phenomenon in the porn world, which poses the question: is OnlyFans a “healthy” or “safe” way to consume porn?