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In a 2020 study, 75% of parents believed their child had never encountered porn. But in reality, 53% of those parents’ children reported that they had seen porn.
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(Carroll, Busby, Willoughby, & Brown, 2017)
In more committed relationships, only 46% of women accurately reported how much their partner consumed porn with nearly 40% of men reporting more consumption than their partners believed was occurring, according to a 2017 study.
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Fast Fact #31
(Bouché, 2015)
According to one report on domestic minor sex trafficking, survivors indicate that they were sometimes “advertised” on porn sites.
(Fritz, Malic, Paul, & Zhou, 2021)
A 2021 study analyzed videos from popular porn sites and found that porn featuring Black people tends to perpetuate harmful racist stereotypes, disproportionately emphasize violence and aggression, and often depicts Black people as “worse than objects.”