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Chris’ Story: This Is What the Porn Kills Love Movement Looks Like In Australia

I feel incredibly humbled that at the age of 18 the penny dropped for me: pornography was destructive to me and my own relationships, and it was...

By November 13, 2017No Comments

I feel incredibly humbled that at the age of 18 the penny dropped for me: pornography was destructive to me and my own relationships, and it was also ripping apart the lives of countless people around me in Australia. Through countless conversations with men and women, I quickly learned that porn doesn’t discriminate based on age or gender.

I experience a constant tug on my heart to know more about how porn is hurting Australian society, and to do whatever I can to share these facts.

Here in Australia, the way pornography is user-made and circulated on every social networking app means that we don’t even need the likes of PornHub to get us hooked.

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Apathy is rife in much of Australian culture, including youth culture. Outside of a few select environments, discussing the harmful effects of pornography allows you to experience being looked at like a freak. This is what happens when I wear my Porn Kills Love shirt, which I make sure is clean and ready for when I’m at airports or other particularly busy places. I must confess that I do get a kick out of following people’s eyes as they read the shirt and subsequently develop an expression of shock or confusion.

I have also had the privilege of sharing the facts of porn’s harms in classrooms and youth groups in several parts of Australia with another nonprofit. I remember the first time I addressed over a hundred 9th grade boys on the topic—the temperature in the room rose tangibly. That meant the message was cutting through.

On another occasion, following a compulsory workshop at an all-boys school, the staff allowed us to host an optional lunchtime workshop for 10th-graders on in-depth practicals of how to quit porn. More than ten boys attended and were earnestly encouraged by what we had to share. It’s moments like these that provide reassurance and remind me that the fight is worth it.

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My advice to potential Fighters is not to wait until you’re “perfect” to fight porn. If you’re waiting for the day that pornography doesn’t attract you anymore, you’re wasting your time. We all carry our scars onto the front lines of this battlefield, and it’s these scars that can shape us into better, stronger Fighters. At the same time, humility and integrity are paramount if you want to be an effective Fighter. We need good, trusted friends to support us and keep us accountable. We need to saturate our minds and hearts in what is healthy and true. Get yourself well-versed in the science and the philosophy behind why pornography is cancer both to individuals and society at large.

Your next step should be to wear a Porn Kills Love shirt on public transport and in busy public areas. Hope and expect conversations that will plant the seeds for new Fighters. I’m keen to see this international movement shift our global culture toward authentic love!

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