What This Anti-Trafficking Expert Says is the Key to Ending Sex Trafficking Article

“Sex traffickers are motivated by one thing,” Dr. Shively said. “They are trying to make money. It’s a market, a business, and the commodity is people. You only generate the supply—the people—if there is demand, and without demand, there is no motivation whatsoever to come up with that supply.”

8 Popular Conspiracy Theories About Sex Trafficking, Debunked Article

The issue of sex trafficking is not a myth, but there are myths about sex trafficking. If you want to get as involved as you can in helping rescue victims and advocate for survivors, start with factual information that is supported by anti-trafficking experts and survivor-led organizations.

How Porn Fuels Sex Trafficking (VIDEO) Article

Sex trafficking shares a variety of symbiotic connections to porn. Even in the production of mainstream porn, sex trafficking can still occur—and it happens more often than most people think.