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10 Ways You Can Get Involved with Fight the New Drug

From watching our documentary to buying a tee shirt, here are just a few ways you can join this movement wherever you are and partner with us to raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn.

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You can buy the tee shirts and sweatshirt in this header photo by visiting

We say it all the time, and we’ll say it again: we really wouldn’t be anywhere without our global community of millions of Fighters.

As an awareness-raising and educational organization, we create the resources and aggregate the existing research into one easy-to-find place, but it’s up to our diverse and loyal supporters to take the facts to their countries and communities. This really is a grassroots movement for change on the individual level, so every little bit of visibility given to the facts makes a big difference. Are you in?

FTND Resources

Here are just a few tips and resources so you can join this movement wherever you are.

1. Watch/host a screening of our docuseries, Brain, Heart, World

We have our very own awesome three-part documentary series, and did you know it’s free to watch?

Brain, Heart, World is suitable for the whole family and educational regardless of your stance on porn!

  • “The Brain” dives into the scientific research that illustrates the physiological and neurological harms pornography has on individuals.
  • “The Heart” explores pornography’s impacts on romantic relationships, and on platonic relationships such as those with friends, family, and everyday interpersonal connections.
  • “The World” highlights porn’s impact on society in a variety of ways, including porn’s inextricable connection to the global issue of sex trafficking.

Each episode is 30 minutes long, which means it’s very easy to get through all of them in an evening!

Click here to watch the series now, and watch the trailer below.

This conversation-changing project is a gentle introduction to this global issue—you might laugh, you might cry, but you’ll definitely think. Watching this series for free or hosting a private screening is one of the best ways you can get a dialogue started in your community.

BHW - General

2. Watch our short videos with ex-performers, experts, and people who have quit watching porn.

Check out our educational videos as well as videos of experts in various fields related to the subject of porn’s harms. Also, watch personal stories of those whose lives have been impacted by porn.

Anyone can view these short videos by visiting our short video page on our site or our YouTube channel.

3. Become a Fighter and join our movement

Fighters are committed, passionate, and real. For ourselves, for those we love, and for future generations, we must take a stand using science, facts, and personal accounts. Take the first step in showing that you are 100% invested in this fight by signing up to become a Fighter!

Becoming a Fighter and reading the Fighter attributes details what it means to be in this movement, and adds you to our global community of supporters so you can get updates on how to get more involved in the movement. Join the fight and help us spread the word that porn affects the viewer, harms relationships, and negatively affects society as a whole.

Become A Fighter

4. Listen to our podcast, Consider Before Consuming

Did you know we have a podcast? Consider Before Consuming, a podcast by Fight the New Drug, explores the harmful effects of pornography using science, facts, and personal accounts.

Every other week, we sit down with an expert, activist, or fellow Fighter and discuss how pornography negatively impacts individuals, relationships, and society. You can listen now wherever you get your podcasts!

Go to to subscribe today! 🎧


5. Sign up with our affiliates at Fortify if you want to join a supportive community and quit watching porn

Want to find lasting freedom from porn? Join our affiliates at Fortify. Fortify is designed to equip individuals struggling with compulsive pornography use—young and old—with tools, education and community to assist them in reaching lasting freedom.

Their mission is to help spark an uprising of people tired of porn messing with their lives—and ready for something far better. There are free and subscription-based version of the platform, sign up today.


6. Join the Fighter Club

If you consider yourself a dedicated Fighter, our exclusive Fighter Club is the place for you. As a nonprofit, we rely on people just like you to help take the movement to the next level.

By partnering with us monthly, you will make an incredibly valuable contribution that helps us to more effectively educate individuals and advocate for awareness on the harmful effects of porn across the globe.

The support from Fighter Club members directly fund our educational resources and mobilization campaigns around the world. By being a member of the Fighter Club, you’ll receive access to our Secret Store with over 50 unique products, 30% off everything in the Fight the New Drug store, first dibs on new releases, and an exclusive Fighter Club Kit when you sign up!

7. Bring us to you for a Live Presentation

Fight the New Drug provides informative and entertaining presentations that inspire students to join thousands of others around the world who avoid pornography, while speaking openly about a typically uncomfortable topic.

The facts are presented in an interactive and exciting way to help teens get the facts! Get more info and book a presentation HERE.

Live Presentations

8. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTikTokPinterestTwitter, and YouTube

As an online grassroots movement for love, we use social media to connect with people across the world by posting engaging content to every social media platform we can. We share valuable information daily on each site.

See for yourself! Anyone can follow us on FacebookInstagramTikTokPinterestTwitter, and YouTube.

9. Read through our Get the Facts articles, or any of the 1,300 articles on our blog

As a research-based movement, quality sources and credible information are invaluable.

We have produced 15 quality research-based articles as a core resource of ours that explain how porn has been shown to negatively impact consumers, relationships, and society.

Our blog has over 1,000 articles, all centering around how porn is connected to sex traffickingrelationship dissatisfaction, and harms to consumers of porn.

Get The Facts

10. Check out our online gear shop

Fight the New Drug is a nonprofit, which means everything we do is made possible by our supporters and donors. One way we’re able to raise awareness about the harmful effects of porn on a grassroots level is by engaging people in meaningful conversations about it.

This is why we design eye-catching, conversation-starting trendy tees—our online store fuels this movement, and our gear fuels your conversations. We call that a win win.

Store - General

What YOU can do

Get involved in this fight for love. SHARE this article to help others learn about the movement and why we are raising awareness on the harms of porn.