“Repping the movement.”

You’ll see that phrase constantly on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but what does it really mean? And does it make a difference?

When you wear a tee with one of our bold messages, whether it be Porn Kills Love, Keep It Real/Fight For Love, or Become a Fighter, you’re guaranteed to turn some heads, raise some eyebrows, and spark conversation. That is what we’re all about—raising awareness on the harms of porn and the awesomeness of real love. This is an awareness movement aimed at educating and changing the conversation around porn and its real harms on viewers’ brains, their relationships, and our society in general. Even having brief exchanges with friends or strangers can spark change and change countless minds. When you represent this movement for real love by taking a stand, you’re an active part in stopping the demand for porn.

Check out these awesome Fighters from every continent around the world! (Except Antarctica…but hey, it’s only a matter of time.)


Kayla & Tabitha


“In this pic, we’re in Macedonia! For the past couple of weeks we’ve had the incredible opportunity to be in Greece, clothing and feeding refugees as they wash up onto the shore here in Lesvos. While we have definitely been face to face with the tragedy and horror of the situation, we’ve also been able to be a beacon of hope in the darkness.”


Moshé Durante

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@moshedurante Peru Maccu Piccu

“Hi! Im from Guatemala City, and I am a survivor of pornography, and I’m not ashamed to talk about it. Now I’m looking for ways to change the conversations with my friends related to porn. I’m leaving Guatemala and I’m going to Perú for 10 days! I’m going to rep the movement from Maccu Piccu!”


Zachary Bush


“My name is Zachary, and I travel with an international folk dance group around the world every summer, (Clog America), and this July we’ve been in France! After Paris we traveled to a place called Romans, France, and have been performing at the festivals here. We had our last big performance (with 8 countries from around the world including the USA represented). I knew I’d be around all these people and hoped to represent the movement by wearing my Porn Kills Love tee at our celebration dinner. Thanks for all you do! You guys are amazing!”




“Something pretty dope happened last night and I wanted to share it with you! I’m in Vegas with my brothers and we were walking The Strip like everyone does. I was wearing my ‘Porn Kills Love’ shirt. I knew if there was anywhere in the world to make a statement it would be Las Vegas! Plus it’s just a really cool shirt!

Throughout the night I saw people reading the shirt. They all either just read it and kept walking or scoffed as they walked by. One lady openly laughed at it! We get to our hotel at 1am and I’m checking us in. The guy checking us in says, “Porn Kills Love huh?…that’s interesting.” I just responded with, “Yeah it’s a pretty cool thing!” He types away for a minute then said, “Okay, you piqued my interest, what’s that shirt all about?” So I went on to tell him what the movement was all about. What the message is and how it’s about people loving people, instead of seeing people as objects. He said, “That sounds cool! I’ll have to check it out!” I showed him the website on my wristband and he pretty enthusiastically said, “Thanks!”

The whole night I had no problem with how people were reacting. I basically knew that was going to happen, but to even reach one person to share the message it made all the scoffing and side glances worth it.”




“Love your movement! Wear my t-shirt everywhere! A lot of ‘attention’ here in Amsterdam. :)”




“I found out about your organization a couple years back and I’m trying to spread the word in the Marines with the most outspoken tee you had for sale! Here’s a pic that I have in South Korea. To those that feel discouraged about speaking out about porn, afraid that you may lose some arguments, you will learn from your mistakes and stand stronger, with a more clear mind on how to tactically speak out on it. Stand steadfast! And join this crusade of ours!!”


Alison Jane


“I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and I haven’t seen anybody in this city representing your movement here, so I’m trying to change that. I’m a singer/songwriter, and I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years. I’m a professionally trained singer and I wish more artists would fight this cause. I hope I start to see more people in Toronto becoming Fighters! I didn’t even promote my cds last night. This cause definitely takes priority for me.

This pic is at an acoustic performance that I was about to play and I asked someone to take that picture so that I could show that I’m representing that movement and not making the music just about me, but with a purpose to make a difference!”


Chris Raphael


“Repping the movement on my way back to Australia from the Johannesburg International Airport in South Africa. No matter what country you’re in, #pornkillslove!”


Summer Jennings


“Hey FTND! I’m in Atherton, Australia volunteering at a bat hospital and brought my Porn Kills Love shirt here! I’m wearing it today for tours of the hospital and we’re going out to the pub tonight for a science talk, so I’m hoping to appeal to science-brained individuals about the scientific harms of pornography. I took some pictures with the bats for you guys if you would like to share them! Literally so proud to rep you guys everywhere I go!! Also, my picture with the shirt started a conversation with my porn-positive Uncle back home. It’s pretty cool how it can all spread!”


Mohamed Rahall
Mohamed Rahall in Bali, Indonesia (no Insta)
“Hey FTND, I’m Arab-Canadian, studying abroad in Singapore, traveling around Southeast Asia, and always repping the movement wherever I go. I’m still struggling, but it’s better, and I’m not going to give up any time soon. Thank you so much for all that you do. Truly, you have inspired me. This photo was taken at Mt. Batur in Bali, Indonesia!

Proof of how much you inspired me, earlier this year I presented a speech on the harms of pornography for my public speaking class in Singapore. A very touchy and taboo topic. I guess it is anywhere!”


Cynthia Ton


“So I was waiting at the doctor’s office and took off my sweater, which revealed my Porn Kills Love skull T-shirt. Sitting from across in front of me was a young woman, who appeared to be in her mid 20’s with red dye on the tips of her hair. She noticed my shirt, went up to me, and asked if she could take a picture of it. I let her. I told her I bought the shirt from an anti-porn movement called “Fight the New Drug”. She then opened up a conversation with me in regards to the movement. I told her I’m an anti-porn activist and explained some of the different negative impacts of porn. Eventually, I learned that she’s a polyamorous “sex-positive” feminist. She asked me whether or not I’m aware that there’s ethical porn and to her surprise I told her “there is no ethical porn“. We talked a little more. I told her it takes courage to stand up for such a cause, and despite differences in core values between me and her, she told me what I’m doing is admirable. I then offered to share with her a few anti-porn groups on a sticky note to which she agreed. I wrote down a feminist-based anti-porn Facebook group, Fight the New Drug, and endsexualexploitation.org. In a hurry as the doctor was waiting for me, I gave her the note and told her these groups are non-religious organizations. She then thanked me.

Well, that was the first time I was ever put in this kind of situation. I was a little nervous, we may have not agreed with each other entirely, but at least the discussion turned out well and she is willing to check out the cause!”


Janine Janke 


“Hey FTND team! I heard from your organization in Tanzania, where I lived and worked for a year. In Germany I ordered a shirt which arrived a few weeks ago. Now I wanted to tell you that I’m very amazed by your work and your passion, what porn really is and what it can do with you. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Strasbourg, France!”

We love hearing stories like these. There is nothing better than seeing people who are brave enough to take a stand and be a voice for change in our society where porn is viewed as normal. This movement is changing the conversation about porn by spreading the facts on its many harms. By being a part of this movement, we can not only better our own lives, but better our relationships and our world as a whole.

If you don’t have a Porn Kills Love tee, grab one and start having conversations about the movement! If you already have a tee, we challenge you to wear it to the next large public place you visit and see what kind of a reaction you get.

Take a stand. Be bold. Become a Fighter.

 Support the movement, rep a tee. Click here to take a stand!

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*If you have an interesting story that happened to you while repping the movement, we want to hear about it! Message us on Facebook or email us to share how you started a conversation about the harms of porn, and you may find your story featured on our blog!

Header image by @coldbrew_catholic in Surfside Beach, Texas.

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