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6 Simple Ways You Can Donate to Fight the New Drug Today

We've made it easier to get in on this movement for love with these unique and simple ways to donate. There's an option for every lifestyle and budget.

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Decades of studies from respected institutions have demonstrated significant impacts of porn consumption on individuals, relationships, and society. No Porn November is all about giving visibility to these facts and empowering individuals to choose to be porn-free. Learn more by clicking here.

Do you believe in what Fight the New Drug is doing? Do you use our resources to educate others and raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography? Do you consider yourself a Fighter?

Consider supporting our efforts!

We have the best followers in the world. We know we say it a lot, but only because it’s true. Today, we hope you’ll choose to partner with us and help us fight for love in 2022 and beyond.

Every day, we are amazed by the incredible amount of support we get from Fighters all over the world who take this movement for love and make it their own in inspiring and creative ways. As this movement grows, we are so excited to see more and more Fighters who are stoked to help spread the word on the real harms of pornography in their own communities.

And with this global family of Fighters who are just as passionate about the cause as we are, we frequently hear from Fighters who are looking for ways to contribute more directly to the cause.

Donate Now

From our very beginning in 2009, to where we are now, we would be nowhere without our global network of supporters, and we are so grateful for the support we receive from each and every one of you who are repping the movement and sharing our resources with your friends, family members, and society.

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With every “share,” “like,” and comment, our movement grows, and with every donation and tee shirt purchase, it grows a little bit more—and the more we can grow this movement for love through education, the more we can decrease the demand for porn and sexual exploitation.

The bottom line is, you support our bottom line. And we’ve made it a little easier to get in on this movement for love with these unique and simple ways to donate. There’s an option for every lifestyle and budget. Check them out below.

1. One-time donation

We would be nowhere without the incredible support from Fighters around the world. Spreading the word on the harmful effects of porn can be as easy as donating one time to the movement.

Your one-time donation will help us reach to educate more people around the world on the realities of porn and, since Fight the New Drug is a federally recognized 501(C)(3) organization, your donation is 100% tax-deductible. Click the button below to donate today!

Donate Now
2. Join Fighter Club

If you consider yourself a supporter and you’re looking for a way to join those going above and beyond to spread the word on porn’s harms, we invite you to partner with us in raising awareness around the world on a monthly basis through joining our Fighter Club.

Plus, as a thank you for your ongoing support, Fighter Club members receive access to our Secret Store with over 50 unique products, 30% off everything in the Fight the New Drug store, first dibs on new releases, and an exclusive Fighter Club Kit when they sign up!

3. Start a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram

Encourage your friends and family to support our efforts by creating your own Facebook fundraiser for Fight the New Drug, or by posting a “donate” sticker on your Instagram story.

As a bonus, 100% of the proceeds from fundraisers go directly to our movement!

4. Donate $1 every month

One way you can donate to this movement is through pitching into our Give One For Love, a $1 donation drive for the cause.

5. Grab something from our online store

When you purchase a conversation-starting tee from the Fight the New Drug store, you’re not only helping to spread awareness on this issue, but the proceeds from your purchase help us to mobilize this movement as well! Click here to shop and support Fight the New Drug!

6. Donate to us on Venmo.

Supporting this movement for love just got easier—now you can Venmo donations to Fight the New Drug!

Every dollar makes a difference. With your support, we can continue to create educational resources that raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn and exploitation throughout the year.

Thank you for joining us in making a difference today

We have many ongoing and future projects we’re continuing to create and share, and they wouldn’t be possible without your support and your continued choice to partner with us in this fight for love.

Through whatever means you’re able to, supporting this organization is literally representing the stand you’re taking against sexual exploitation and the stand you’re taking to fight for real love.

If you want to continue to further the impact you’re making, make sure to have conversations, share the research we’ve compiled and spread the movement to friends and family, bring us to present in your community.

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All of these things, no matter how small they seem, make a huge difference and create a dent in this issue that you can experience through real social change.

Donate Now

If you have the means to do so, please consider grabbing a Fighter teejoining the Fighter Club with a recurring donation, or making a one-time donation via our site or on Venmo to this awareness campaign today. With help and support from Fighters like you, millions of people have found hope and freedom from porn’s harms through Fight the New Drug’s educational resources. Together we’re making a positive, measurable impact across the globe!

Thank you, Fighters, for your continued passion for this cause, and for supporting and partnering with us however you can. We’re just getting started, and we are so honored to have such a motivated and continually growing community of loyal supporters.

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Thanks for reading our article! Fight the New Drug is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which means the educational resources we create are made possible through donations from people like you. Join Fighter Club for as little as $10/month and help us educate on the harms of porn!