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Affordable Youth Event Speaker

Are you in search of a compelling speaker for your next youth event? We're here to help!

In our tech-savvy world, pornography’s influence is only growing. Unfortunately, the rates at which people (especially youth) are experiencing porn’s well-documented harmful effects are only growing as well. Because of this, Fight the New Drug provides ways for people like you to bring a relevant, engaging, research-focused, and affordable youth event speaker to your community today!

Porn is more available, affordable, and anonymous than ever before. Because of this, youth are navigating the issue of pornography to an unprecedented degree and scale. A report Common Sense Media report titled “Teens and Pornography” 1. Robb, M.B., & Mann, S. (2023). Teens and pornography. San Francisco, CA: Common Sense.Copy  includes data collected from youth ages 13-17 years old with various backgrounds. Of those surveyed, three-quarters of teens said they had seen porn and that the exposure shaped how they view sex and sexual relationships.

At Fight the New Drug we know youth and parents have enough to worry about in this digital age, so we’re here to help prepare teens, families, and schools to be able to address issues like porn and sexting in healthy and appropriate ways.

Live Presentations

Fight the New Drug (FTND) has been around since 2009. We are a non-religious and non-legislative nonprofit that exists to educate and raise awareness of porn’s harms using only science, facts, and personal accounts. While we offer a variety of resources including a youth-friendly documentary series and robust social media campaigns, our Live Presentation Program is designed specifically to help empower youth, schools, families, and communities.

At Fight the New Drug, we know it can be difficult to find an affordable youth event speaker that will keep your teen audience engaged. Our talented and affordable youth event speakers have been trusted to present to over one million people worldwide. We’ve worked closely with clinicians, academics, designers, videographers, and other professionals to create the most engaging presentation possible to address porn’s harms in an age-appropriate way.

Don’t wait, Fight the New Drug’s team of speakers remains in high demand and our event schedule fills up quickly! Learn more today, and bring us to your community in the near future.