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Consuming porn contributes to…

Clicking porn fuels sexual exploitation.

Normalizing abuse isn’t normal.

19% of human trafficking victims are trafficked for sex acts.

Porn glorifies, normalizes, promotes, and fetishizes abuse.

You can’t be both anti-sex trafficking and pro-porn. One industry supports the other.


Dr. Carolyn West on racism in porn

In pornography, consent is not guaranteed.

Anyone can be affected by porn. Anyone can be freed from porn.

How will you react when your child sees porn?

If you don’t teach your kids about sex, porn will.

Fight For Love

Fight For Love

Not all guys watch porn.

Porn is fake. Love is real. Don’t take fake.

Porn is fake, love is real. Don’t take fake.

Orlando Bloom on how porn affects your sex life.

You are enough.

Most porn consumers were exposed to porn before they met their current partner.