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Protect your mental health | Porn affects mental health

The amount of violence shown in porn is astonishing.

“Pornography is a recipe for rape.”

You are not a bad person for struggling with porn.

Don’t give porn a free pass.

Love is focus.

Love is focus.

There is hope.

Pornography is normalizing rape culture.

Pornography is the marketing department of the sex trafficking industry.

Freedom from porn is possible.

Porn is the epitome of objectification.

Love is stronger than shame.

Porn is not sexy.

A “yes” is only valid if “no” is a legitimate option.

Be Patient With Your Progress.

Let’s make not watching porn the new normal.

Marisol Nichols on Trafficking

“[We] barely blink at the wildly racist caricatures in porn…”

21% of sex trafficking victims are children.