Freedom from porn is possible.

Porn is the epitome of objectification.

Love is stronger than shame.

Porn is not sexy.

A “yes” is only valid if “no” is a legitimate option.

Be Patient With Your Progress.

Let’s make not watching porn the new normal.

Marisol Nichols on Trafficking

“[We] barely blink at the wildly racist caricatures in porn…”

21% of sex trafficking victims are children.

Consuming porn contributes to…

Clicking porn fuels sexual exploitation.

Normalizing abuse isn’t normal.

19% of human trafficking victims are trafficked for sex acts.

Porn glorifies, normalizes, promotes, and fetishizes abuse.

You can’t be both anti-sex trafficking and pro-porn. One industry supports the other.


Dr. Carolyn West on racism in porn

In pornography, consent is not guaranteed.

Anyone can be affected by porn. Anyone can be freed from porn.