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Aspiring California Rapper Reps ‘Porn Kills Love’ Tee

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Meet Joe!

Joe, better known as Jshades, is an aspiring rapper from California who came to our attention after posting a sick picture on Instagram of him repping his ‘Porn Kills Love’ tee and shouting out the movement. After we saw that not only was he repping FTND on his social media but was even wearing his Porn Kills Love shirt in his music videos, we knew we had to find out more about Joe and why he is a Fighter.

FTND: Well first off, we have to say we love your music, man. A few of us here at Fight the New Drug who are really into hip hop and we were really impressed with your stuff.

Joe: Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. You know, it’s always nice to get a positive response when you’re putting work into something. It never gets old to hear that, so thank you.

FTND: So your Instagram post really caught our attention because you have such a cool style and you choose to rep the ‘Porn Kills Love’ shirt not only on your Instagram but in one of your music videos too! It was so cool to see. What was the motivation behind that?

Joe: You mean aside from it being a really dope shirt?? *laughs* I just feel that wearing the shirt during the video was a way I could identify with those who support the movement and good causes like this in general. It shows that I support the fact that porn IS harmful whether people choose to believe it or not. I like to show off who I am and speak my beliefs in my music and in my performances.

FTND: Now it’s obviously no secret that there is a lot of overly sexual and sometimes even straight-up pornographic stuff associated with rap/hip-hop. How do you find a balance between working to be a part of that industry while still staying true to what you know about the dangers behind all that stuff and what it promotes?

Joe: Yeah, I mean, obviously I’m aware of the music industry’s tendency to show a lot, too much, in music videos and stuff. The unfortunate truth in the world has always been that sex sells. I know that. We all know that. But I believe people, including beautiful women, are more than just sex and objectification. Like of course I want pretty girls in my music videos, and in my personal life too (*laughs*), but what people don’t understand is that you don’t have to be showing everything to be beautiful or sexy. I think that’s an issue in today’s society. A confident girl with a pretty face is what is sexy, not just some barely-clothed body dancing around.

FTND: Does it ever worry you that you’ll get backlash or people will think you’re “less cool” for being a Fighter and helping spread the truth about porn?

Joe: *Laughs* Nah of course not, because porn isn’t a “cool” thing to begin with; it has a hold on a lot of people and is very damaging not just to relationships but to the individual as well. Addiction is real. Standing up for something is a lot cooler than being a follower, which is something that I have never been. So if people were to think of me as “less cool” for standing up for what I believe in and standing up for truth, then I think they’re the ones who aren’t cool. *laughs*

FTND: And finally, the big question, Joe: why are you a Fighter?

Joe: I fight for anyone who needs something positive to look to. Like, if everyone around is looking at porn as something normal, it eventually makes you question, what’s the problem with it? Like, how can something be wrong when everyone is doing it? Well, obviously those who are informed know there is a huge problem with it and people need something/someone to represent that; to represent the positive side of things. There are plenty of people that inspire me like that each and every day, so if I can be one of those people to someone else, that’s reward enough for me.


We attached a link below so you can hear this talented up-and-comer’s music and see what kind of passionate Fighters we have repping the movement! Click HERE to check out Jshade’s awesome music!



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