It’s no secret that porn can be the go-to for so many people when disappointment, loneliness, or sheer boredom strikes. And it’s also becoming apparent that collective porn habits or trends are a reflection of what’s going on in society—think of popular search terms, and how porn searches often reflect what’s happening with current events and pop culture.

According to data from the world’s largest free porn site that received 28.5 billion visits last year, the prime porn binging-time for consumers is between 9 pm and 2 am on the daily. And even though these few late night/early morning hours see the largest uptick in visitors to the site, people are unfortunately logging on and watching porn all around the world all the time, day or night.

But, this unfortunate fact can be disrupted when there are awesome things happening outside, scary political conflicts, or disappointing sports losses.

Below, we dig into three events from the last 6 months that prompted huge, but momentary, changes in the average traffic of the world’s most popular porn site, and uncover what this says about us as a porn-obsessed society.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

We’ll start with one of the best events of 2017, and a bit of good news.

One of our favorite natural phenomenon last year was the incredible total solar eclipse that went from coast to coast in the United States. And you know what people weren’t doing while they were staring at the sun, hopefully with the proper protective eyewear? Watching porn. Yep, that’s right, people were too busy staring at the eclipse in most parts of the country to log on and watch the most hardcore content imaginable. Check out the drop off in viewership in the path of totality on the world’s largest free porn site:

So what can we learn from these stats? Well, for one thing, natural displays of awesomeness in nature can get people away from their computers and push them outside. And for another thing, our society does believe that there is, in fact, cooler stuff to look at than porn. Unfortunately, traffic went back to normal after the event, but it shouldn’t be ignored that if for a moment, people were pulled away from their computers.

Onto the next event that disrupted normal porn-viewing traffic, and this one’s a little less upbeat.

Hawaii’s Missile Scare

On Saturday, January 13, 2018, residents all across Hawaii received a text message at 8:07 am stating that a ballistic missile was on its way to their island and advised they should take shelter immediately, not knowing that the message was actually a false alarm. Super scary, right?

With international tensions currently at a high, it’s no surprise that the warning was taken seriously. For nearly 40 terrifying minutes, many residents of Hawaii thought they were about to be attacked. We can’t begin to imagine how we would react or what would be going through our minds if we received that message, but based purely on the traffic numbers to the world’s largest porn site, it’s not to be watching porn.

Based on real-time, per-minute pageviews, and compared to levels on the previous two Saturdays, the porn site’s statisticians found a serious drop in traffic at 8:07 am immediately after the warning was sent out. By 8:23 am, traffic was a massive -77% below that of a typical Saturday—that’s the good news. As residents were notified around 8:45 that the initial warning was sent in error, traffic began to return to normal and Hawaiians collectively breathed a sigh of relief. But here comes the bad news: after the relief, consumers headed back to Pornhub where pageviews surged +48% above typical levels at 9:01 am. Take a look:

So what can we learn from this disrupted porn site traffic? What’s immediately apparent is the fact that your (assumed) last moments on earth are worth more than logging on and viewing fake sex online, and that there are better ways to spend time. But then, we can see how the relief was taken out on a surge of traffic to the hardcore porn site, meaning that many consumers probably have porn as a go-to for stress relief (and that habit breeds a whole bunch of issues on its own).

But if you thought today might be your last alive, you’d probably spend your minutes more thoughtfully and wisely, right? So, here’s our question: what if everyone acted like every day was precious and worth more than wasting time watching porn?


2018’s Super Bowl Patriots’ Loss

Just a few weeks ago, on Super Bowl Sunday, New England Patriots fans apparently turned to porn to ease their pain after the team’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Take a look at the stats, below. In Massachusetts, traffic to the world’s most popular porn site jumped as much as 26% in the few hours after the game ended, while porn traffic in Boston—also known as Patriots territory—was 28% above normal by 1 am.

Ecstatic Eagles fans did not turn to porn in quite the same numbers. Pornhub viewership was only up 13% above normal at 1 a.m. in Philadelphia, while national viewership was up around 9%. Check it out:

Not surprisingly, traffic to the site was down while the game was being played. It’s no surprise that the decrease in traffic during a big sporting event, followed by a spike after the action is over, is part of a pattern for the massive porn site. But what does that say about porn consumers from the losing side, turning to a porn binge to ease the sting of loss? Does it imply that porn is somehow a numbing agent or a coping mechanism for when the going gets tough?

Does that sound healthy to you?

What’s the takeaway from this?

These three events are all so unique from each other, but in the porn world, they weave a common thread: ditching porn and sticking to reality when real-life events are happening, whether it’s outside or in the stadium. This may seem like a no-brainer, but as an anti-porn organization that receives countless messages from porn consumers who admit they use it as an emotional crutch and escape, it gives us hope that the world truly does have better interests at heart than exaggerated and synthetic sex when it all comes down to the wire.

But after the game is over, or the crisis is called off, or the eclipse has passed, that’s when it gets tough to be hopeful. To visually see how porn consumers turn to porn to relieve stress, numb the pain of loss, or use porn as harmless entertainment when they’re bored, that lets us know that our job of educating the world on the harmful effects of porn is far from over.

Porn promises immediate satisfaction, endless excitement, and easy intimacy, but in the end, research shows how it robs the consumer of all three. The more pornography an individual consumes, the more he or she tends to withdraw emotionally from real people and rely on porn. And disconnecting from people like that creates a whole host of serious issues.

Visual Representation of Porn’s Effects

These graphs show how it takes a huge event to draw people away from porn. They are also visual representations of how our porn-obsessed society is encasing itself in isolation, loneliness, and the inability to face tough times or stress head-on without a damaging emotional crutch. And we realize these graphs only represent porn consumers, not the general public, but there’s something to be said about thse graphs representing the larger trend in society to turn away from community and wallow in separation.

We fight for real love because we value every day and think of it as being worth more than wasting it on porn. Real relationships, friendships, family relationships, and appreciating the power and beauty of nature are worth every minute of the day, and we think porn gets in the way of that. Bottom line, we think this message sums it up, and invite you to try it out for yourself:

What YOU Can Do

If you’re not cool with porn being a coping mechanism, say so. SHARE this post and get the word out that turning to toxic fantasy for stress relief or as an escape from disappointment isn’t a healthy way to live.

Spark Conversations

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