Fight the New Drug 2014 Annual Report

By February 18, 2015 August 22nd, 2019 No Comments

2014 was a year of truly unprecedented growth at Fight the New Drug. Our awareness campaign reached another tier of public recognition in the past 12 months by becoming a true authority in the anti-pornography world. Our increased visibility through social media and presentation tours have given wings to our message like never before.

The biggest addition to our efforts this year was the launch of the much anticipated Fortify Program. We were all extremely pleased with the growth and acceptance of the program in such a short amount of time. Adding the Fortify Program to our other efforts has strengthened our ability to impact lives. We now have a movement and a solution.

At the beginning of the year we set what we thought were ambitious goals and before we had reached the end of the second quarter we had already surpassed most of them. The challenges we’ve faced have pushed us to improve and the opportunities that have crossed our path have allowed us to expand.

2014 was a year of tremendous success at FTND and the upswing of momentum we are still experiencing is only going to take us even further in the New Year.

And it’s all thanks to you Fighters! We would be nowhere without all of the loyal and dedicated supporters of this awesome movement!

Check out the stats from this past year in our Annual Report below by clicking ‘click to read’:

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