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Happy Valentine’s Day, Fighters! Since the beginning of Fight the New Drug, we have always considered our movement to be more pro-love than anti-porn. Ultimately, our mission is to promote healthy, happy relationships while educating against the harmful effects of pornography.

One of our favorite things is hearing from Fighters all over the world and seeing how they’re repping the movement in their city or country. Of these messages, we particularly love seeing Fighter couples and families who show what this movement is all about. These diverse couples come from all over the world, but they’re all fighting for the same thing: real love.

To celebrate this holiday of love, we’ve compiled just a handful of some of our favorite (and most adorable) Fighter couples who have reached out to us over the last couple years:

When we see these happy couples taking a stand for love together, we can’t help but smile. A huge part of this movement is showing people that real love is infinitely more fulfilling than porn, and these couples are great examples of this. Porn may kill love, but these Fighter couples show that love can kill porn, too. The selfish and superficial nature of porn will never compare to the loyalty and companionship that real love offers.

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