Porn is harmful to those who watch it, AND to those who create it.

Fighting for love is a worthy cause, because we’re out to promote healthy relationships and raise awareness on the reality of porn and sex slavery. We can’t tell you how many people scoff when we tell them that one of the harmful effects of pornography is its inseparable link to sex trafficking. Many have the same attitude as this guy who commented on our Instagram, asking us about why we were against porn and then when we responded, this was his reply:


Unfortunately, there are many in our society that are blind to the inseparable link between porn and sex trafficking. The porn industry is a sketchy industry to begin with, but it takes a really dangerous turn when porn involving sex trafficking victims is made and distributed. Countless women have been kidnapped, abused, drugged, threatened, and coerced into doing porn; this is, by definition, sex trafficking/slavery.

But how does this tie back to the average viewer at home? The truth is, there is no way for him or her to tell if what they are watching was made illegally or if all parties are there willingly. And even if they’re there willingly, performing on camera, were they coerced or threatened into agreement? For this reason, clicking porn directly fuels the demand for sex traffickers to make money by selling video of their sex slaves to porn sites.

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Knowledge is power and being aware of the facts is an important step in decreasing the demand for these things to happen. “Human Trafficking: An Internet Epidemic” is the title of this released infographic by the University of New England that shows details about the giant role that the internet plays in human sex trafficking.

Check out the info below and gain some knowledge on the ties between the internet and sex trafficking. Stopping the demand starts with us.


What YOU Can Do

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