For those of you who don’t know, the Fortify Program is an online addiction recovery program we created for anybody who is struggling with an addiction to pornography. At Fight the New Drug, our only goal is to just educate and raise awareness on the harmful effects of porn. But we realize for some people, this info is coming a little bit too late. So we wanted to do something for those that are already caught up in it and are trying to break free.

So we spent years collecting information, doing research, partnering with neurologists, therapists, and addiction recovery specialists to create something pretty amazing. The result of all that work was the Fortify Program: A Step Toward Recovery.

Fortify was first put out as a book and PDF, (you can find both on our store), but the video-based, online recovery program has been something that we’ve been most excited about. The best part? It is all available for free to anyone 20 years old and younger. It allows you to create your own personal Battle Strategy, add in an accountability partner, and monitors progress to help stop the cycle of addiction. We have over 15,000 users signed up for Fortify right now and have been blown away by the success that the Fortify Team is seeing.

We encourage all you Fighters to check out the program for yourself and recommend it to anybody you know who is struggling with porn.

As you can see, the Fortify Program works. And we want it to work for you and your friends and family too.

The Fight against porn requires more than just spreading the word about it; it is giving a helping hand to those who are already struggling but can’t find their footing.

Between Fight the New Drug and Fortify, porn doesn’t stand a chance.


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