Current Campaign
It’s our boldest Fighter App campaign so far this year: raising awareness on the global issue of sex trafficking and its connection to porn. Sign up for details on new #StopTheDemand conversation-starting merch and a life-changing prize—a trip to Nepal to volunteer with Help International.
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Past Campaign
Love Takes Two- In the month of February we celebrated all of the ways two people can support each other in the fight against porn, in friendships, as family members, romantically or otherwise.

Campaign Winners

Jase Boards Long Board, Sunglasses & 'Porn Kills Love' Tee
Katy Teem
EcoScraps Kit(Skullcandy Headphones, Target Giftcard, Hat, Gardening Tool) 'Porn Kills Love' Tee
Zach Winterrowd
'Love Takes Two' Tee & Jase Boards Minnow Board
Spencer Walker
'Love Takes Two' Tee & Jase Boards Sunglasses
Hannah Conners-Townsend
'Live For Love' Tee & Sticker Pack
Jacob Kriska & Brooke Haley
We decked the halls with knowledge last holiday season and gave the gift of real love! Join our worldwide community of Fighters in this movement for love.

Campaign Winners

Jase Boards Long Board, Sunglasses & 'Fight For Love' Tee
Isaiah Hubbard
'Hold Fast To Love' Tee & Jase Boards Sunglasses
Harrison Craner
'Believe In Love' Tee & Sticker Pack
Patrice Sullivan
All November long, we fought for real love and raised awareness on the harms of porn. All month, we premiered new content that helped Fighters start conversations and spread the word that love is worth fighting for.

Campaign Winners

Jase Boards Long Board & 'Hold Fast To Love' Tee
Destiny Faith Marchese
Jase Boards Light Up Penny Board & 'Porn Kills Love' Tee
Joseph Bryan Parkman
'PKL.' Zip Hoodie
Lucas Defibaugh
'PKL.' Crewneck Hoodie
Amy Clements
3 Limited Edition 'Porn Kills Love' Tee's
Bryan Tosh
2 Limited Edition 'Porn Kills Love' Tee's
Seniya Ogden
FTND Mystery Tee Winners
Samantha Grant, Jonathan Barnes, Brian Yackel, Ariana Hewitt, Emma Taylor, Kye Dures, Garrett Richard, Ali Linstad, Hunter Hodges, Holly Blades
Ongoing Campaigns

Rock The Basics

You have to know the facts before you can tell others. Learn how and why porn kills love, and then get rewarded by sharing what you’ve learned.

Campaign Prizes

20+ Minutes
Starter Kit: Wristbands & Stickers
30+ Minutes
'Porn Kills Love' Tee

Become A Fighter

There are things you can do right now that will help others to understand the harmful effects of porn. Be a Fighter—stand up, speak out, and drop knowledge.

Campaign Prizes

10+ Minutes
Action Kit: Stickers & Passalong Cards
20+ Minutes
'Become A Fighter' Tee
30+ Minutes
Street Team Kit